Simple Excel Tips, Tricks & Formulas for Daily Use.

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Today, I am going to lay down some tips and tricks which you can use in your daily life. Without wasting time i should move on with some tips regarding excel.

How to fix an excel cell in formula

If you are writing any formula which needs to take reference to a particular cell. Then, you should have to fix that particular cell, so that your whole formula won't be a mess.

There is much more need of this fixing trick but over here in this particular article i am going to show the use of this trick with a simple example.

From figure, 
C13= 40% be the required percentage to be taken out from A, B, C.

In G3, Write your formula as: =C3*D3, you will get the desired result but what if, if you want to copy that formula, To B and C. If you simple copy and paste the formula or simply drag it. You will get the wrong formula as the formula will keep moving in relation to the cell.

In order to solve this problem, you should fix the particular cell, which is cell C3. So that, A, B, C will relate to the Percentage in C3.

To do this, just type: $C$3 in the place of C3 in the formula, So the new formula should look like this, in G3: =D3*$C$3, now you can copy and paste the formula to I3 you will get your desired result.

The Use of Concatenate Function

The use of concatenate function is an addition if you know how to use this, What it actually does is that, it combines the text in different cell into one.

From Figure,
There are string of texts in D3, E2 and F3, I used the function called concatenate in D6.
What i did was, used =Contatenate(D3,E2,F3).
You can see the Result in D6.

The Use of Left, Right & Mid Function

What these function does is just opposite to the one that the concatenate function does.
Left separate the left string of the particular text string.
Right Function will separate Right side String form the particular text string.
Mid function will separate Mid string of the particular text string.

From Figure,

Lets Play with a string of text called "This is for a test purpose" which is in Cell B2.

I typed in C5 as: =left(B2,5). Why is that 5 for? 5 is the no. of characters which it will take from the Left hand side from B2. Note:(Space) is also count as an character, so "This " = 5 character is there in cell C5.

I typed in D5 as: right(B2,5). This has the same explanation as of above. Simply it starts from the right had side of the text string in B2.

I typed in E5 as: mid(B2,6,5). B2 is the reference cell, 6 is no. of characters from left hand side (to start copying), 5 is how many characters further you require to copy.

Hope you liked this article.
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How To Make Google Default Search Engine

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How To Make Google Default Search Engine

In this particular article "How To Make Google Default Search Engine", you will learn how you can make google as your default search engine. In this particular tutorial article, you will be getting information on different browser type. Let's Start.

How To Make Google Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the arrow right next to the search icon in the address bar. It will show a drop-down with icons in it. Click "Add". Internet Explorer will take you to its search engine gallery.
  3. Choose "" from the gallery and click Add.
  4. Install the search engine as an add-on. There is a "click to install" link on the page.Click that and you'll see ith a dialog box prompting for confirmation to add the search engine. If you want this to be your default search engine, tick the "Make this my default search provider" box. Click Add.

How To Make Google Default Search Engine In Firefox

In FireFox, you can search using both the search box and the address (URL) bar.

How to change the default search engine of Firefox search bar:

Firefox search box doesn’t have the default search engine as we understand it. What you need to do is the following: just click the drop down arrow next to the search engine icon and select a search engine (you can see your current default search engine in bold). Firefox will remember your choice and use the selected search engine from now on (until you change it again).

How to create a new search plugin for your search box:

  • Copy and paste the Google search query URL string;
  • Use {searchTerms} as placeholder for your search term:
  • Go to and use the form (click “Show full instructions?” option) to create a search plugin for your search box
  • Paste your search URL in the “URL” field and provide all the extra details (name, email, etc):

Change the default search engine of FireFox address bar:

With FireFox, you can search simply by typing your search terms in the address bar (that’s where you see your current URL). In this case, the default search engine will be used to search.

Open about:config in Firefox (if you doing it for the first time, you may have to promise you are going to be careful)
Search for keyword.url from the filter box
Double click on this entry. It will open a dialog where you can edit the ‘keyword.url’ string
Change this string to whatever you want it to be:

How To Make Google Default Search Engine In Google Chrome

Navigate: Settings (icon) -> Options and click “Manage” next to your “Default search engine“
Select your preferred search engine from the list and click “Make Default” button.

How to create your own search provider and make it the default one:

In the same dialog box, click “Add” button and then fill in the details:

Name: The name for your new (default) search engine
Keyword: Allows you to access it directly from the address bar (Smart Keywords in FireFox)
URL: Add the URL of a search result page here, and use the placeholder %s to show where the query should be.

SEO For Your blogger-How to optimize your blogspot blog

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How to optimize-custom robot header tag-SEO for your blogger

There are other two articles i have already published, you can check on "bloggers-tips&tricks" label, which relates to the SEO for the blogspot/bloggers blog. In this particular article i am going to talk about how you can optimise your "Custom robot header tag". To make your blogger's blog SEO friendly you should perform this important task. This is important because, it will let the google search engine crawler know that which tags are important so that you(crawler) should index in the search engine and which file are just a copy of other which you shouldn't index preventing dublicate issues within your blog. 

Suppose, you publish a content, "a blog post", Right?? Then, the particular content will be listed around different places inside your blogger or blogspot blog. The same content will have different extension. The same particular post that you have recently posted will be in your "Home" and in many widgets that you add on like "Archives", "Popular  Posts", "Labels"  etc. So, when search engine crawler crawls your webpage, it will see same content over different location. That will create dublicate content issue within your homepage and search engine crawler cannot specifically determine which is the original content to index. So by defining the "Custom robot header tag", we can solve this particular issue.

Steps to follow to optimize your "custom robot header tag"

  • As always login to your blogger account. Click the particular blog.
  • Then, go to "Settings" :-----> "Search Engine Preferences", you will see like the figure posted below:-

seo for blogger-custom robots header tags

  • Leave the "Custom robots txt", as it is. Under "Custom robots txt", you will see : "Custom robot header tag", Click "Edit" and then enable it. Now you should See like the figure posted below:
how to optimize your custom robot header tag

Make your setting exactly like this and Click "Save Changes" and you are done.

If this particular article on "SEO for blogger-how to optimize your blogspot blog" has helped you in optimizing your blog then you shall share this post, I would really appreciate that. For more seo tips and tricks, please visit the related articles section which is listed below. Thank you.

How To USE OFFSET Function In Excel

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How To Use Offset Function In Excel

OFFSET function is a very useful benefit that comes with the Microsoft Excel, and there are more than 10 different circumstances, where it might be needed. However, we provide you with 10 different examples and formulas where the function is extremely useful in business. This is a function that would return the range of cells, using the specified numbers of both columns and rows along with the beginning of the range, as it has been specified by the users. This is because the users have the ability to specify a size of range that would be returned, which gives the user a strong opportunity to decide the range of his or her desire.
OFFSET Function's Parameters
These parameters are as specified by Microsoft Excel, and are reference, followed by rows, column, and the height and finally the width.
Reference: This is essential and required by the Microsoft Excel, as it is the initial range that needs to be offset. It is possible for it to be either one cells or more cells, depending on the desire of its users
Rows: This is critical to the function and is the number of rows right from the beginning of that range that has been initially supplied to ace as beginning of range that would be returned.
Cols (Columns): This is required by the function and act as the quantity of columns from the beginning, usually upper left of a range that has initially be supplied to a beginning of range that has returned.
Height [height]: It is optional for the user, and would specify height of range that has returned. If this has been omitted, then it would automatically be returning a range at exactly the same range it has been supplied.
Width [Width]: This is the last and optional argument that the offset function contains, and it solely specify width of a range that has returned. If this is omitted, then a range of returned value would automatically be the one the user supplied.

Example 1: A Simple OFFSET Usage

The order list has been established, and we'd know whom our customers are, and their orders as well as prices. However, there is a key question that we are currently asking, which is how much would a specific customer pays for the product that has been ordered. This is where OFFSET functions (and other functions of Excel) would be extremely useful. We are going to use it to find the price that would be paid for a specific product.

Example 2: IF and OFFSET Functions for Product List

The situation in this example is that we have a product lists, and we do not know which one would be for which, which is why we have to look for the right answer. The price has been set, but we want to know where the right value should be placed, and one of the best ways that we'd know is using both the IF and OFFSET functions simultaneously.
IF and OFFSET Functions for Product List

Example 3: Magnitude of Sales

The business is going good, and we have different considerations about how the business has been performing on the market, but we want to know something about the business, and we believe that the OFFSET and SUM would be the perfect answer to our problem, so we decided to find the answer that seems to have deluded us for a short period of time, which is why we are looking for the necessary answers with Microsoft Excel.
Magnitude of Sales

Example 4: Extracting Sales for a Specific Period with OFFSET

This is the follow-up to the previous example, and this time we have a different problem. We'd have so many sales periods, and we are looking for the sales for a period. There has been different methods that are useful for finding the same thing, but this time we believe that the OFFSET function is the perfect tool. In this formula, after we have marked all the cells that we would like to cover, we'd write the formula, and then type F2, followed by CTRL, SHIFT and close it with pressing enter on the keyboard.
Extracting Sales for a Specific Period with OFFSET
Example 5: Advanced Usage of OFFSET & Match Function in Excel
In this example, we do have a business ready, and we are looking for a new way to get the business going, which is why we have decided to use the OFFSET and MATCH function to find the highly suitable and beneficial way of doing it. As the case has been for quite some time, we want to find a suitable way to find the sales for a specific period. There are other functions that could do the job, but we would prefer using the Match and OFFSET. We are using the same file as the two previous examples, and we think that the best way to do so is to clarify that it is very possible to perform these acts without compromising the information of the sales' quotes on the weeks.
Advanced Usage of OFFSET  Match Function in Excel

Example 6: Compromises with OFFSET Formula with SUM and MATCH

This example is using the same data as previous examples, but we are going to use a different formula combining the OFFSET with SUM and MATCH in the same formula. This is to provide the opportunities to find a very supportive formula that allows us to get the right information. This allows the opportunity to sum the data for both week 28 and 29.
Compromises with OFFSET Formula with SUM and MATCH

Example 7: MIN and OFFSET to Get a Value

The business has been going good, and we want to know how we have performed within a period of time. For that reason, we want to know how much minimum we made within that period of time. This is because we have set a goal for ourselves that we want to perform in the first week of every month, and due to the circumstances we want to know if we made that minimum for that month. The minimum we have set is 40000 for the first week. Min and Offset functions will assess if that goal has been accomplished or not.
MIN and OFFSET to Get a Value

Example 8: Max and Offset Functions in Business Performance

The business has been going great for the last months, and we want to assess the business performance within this period of time to understand how the business has greatly been performing. This is something that would help us know if we could compensate for the time when we performed less. For this reason, we are going to use the same data as the previous one, and want to comprehend how our highest performance, and precisely how much it is.
Max and Offset Functions in Business Performance

Example 9: Last Year and This Year OFFSET and Min Function

This is a complicated example, and we are going to use this example because it might be useful for you in the long run. This example is solely based on having the last year saved in one document, and this year is current, and you would like to know the minimum performance for the previous year to compare with this year. We have decided that the business has to achieve a certain goal within a period of time. The assessments have great impact on acknowledging our performances.
Last Year and This Year OFFSET and Min Function

Example 10: Follow-up on 9; OFFSET Different Spreadsheet

This example is like a follow-up on the example 9. The reason is that some people would probably ask a question, what if I rather use a different sheet than another document, which is the reason that this example would be useful for it to be one successful. The problem here is that we have our performance for 2014 ready, and we would like to use OFFSET to find a specific answer, and useful data that would clarifies the thing we are looking for, which is why we have decided to use it. We are looking for our performance for week one of June 2014, which is in another spreadsheet.
OFFSET Different Spreadsheet

Note: This whole article has been shifted from somewhere else, I haven't written this article. Meanwhile, it covers offset functions in detail, which you might be interested in. Due to the time-availability issue, I didn't reproduce this particular article and video tutorial for this Offset function. But this is really useful for anyone using excel........

How To Use Date Function In Excel - Video

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Using Date  Function In Excel

Talking about the "Date function in Excel" , there are a number of DATE FUNCTIONS that are available. Depending on your needs, you can use a date function in Excel to return the current date, the current time, or the day of the week. In this particular article on "Date Function In Excel"  you will learn using the most commonly used date functions used in Excel:=TODAY() and =NOW().

How to Use "=TODAY()" Date Function In Excel

There are no arguments to enter for the =TODAY() or =NOW() functions. Both of these date functions generate their data from the computer's built-in clock i.e. the clock right at the lower left hand side of your computer screen.


This function returns the current date. To display the date in a different format than the default, You have to go to the "Format Cells" Tab.

  • Type =TODAY() to any cell you want your date to be inserted. Boom you will see today's date inserted in that cell. Now you can choose format of date.
  • Right Click the cell on which you have typed the function, you will see "Format Cells" in the menus to bring up the "Format cells" tab, which ever format you wish. Done.
  • Alternatively, In your screen with with "Home", Just side of the "Wrap Text". You will see a drop-down list. Click on the drop down list and you will see various formats, Click on "More Number Formats". "Format Cells" tab will appear, Go to "Date" and choose whatever format you want.

How to Use "=NOW()" Date Function In Excel

Follow the steps same as above and when you get to the "Format Cells" tab, then Choose "Time". Now you can choose whatever format you wish your time to appear on your excel sheet.

While writing this article I came into mood to throw in another small but valuable function, that can be used in daily life. This particular function is called "=DAYS360". Suppose, If you want to find how many days are there in between two different dates, then you can use this function.

How to Use "=DAYS360()" Date Function In Excel

  • Select the cell where you want the no. of days between two dates to appear.
  • Type "=Days3600(Start date, End date). 
  • Suppose, If your A1 cell consists the Start date, And B1 consists then end date. If you want to insert the no. of days in between cell A1 and Cell B1 in C1, Then, Insert the Date formula in C1 as "=Days360(A1,B1)". Easy peasy Done :)
Still Have Problem??? 
 Watch Video and Follow the Content

Change Default Browser Homepage- Firefox,Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera

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In this short article about "how to change your default browser homepage" I am going to lay down some steps on how you can change your browsers' homepage. Below listed steps will help you to change your firefox and internet explorer, google chrome and opera homepage. Let's start.

How To Change Your Browser Homepage In Internet Explorer & Firefox

·       Open your web browser of choice i.e. either firefox or internet explorer.

·          You may want to set Bing as your homepage for multiple browsers. If this is the case, open each browser you would like to set.

·         Type the homepage into the address bar of your Web browser.

·         For Internet Explorer, click the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options."

·         For Mozilla Firefox, select the "Firefox" menu, choose "Options" and choose "Options" from the menu that slides out.

·         Click the "General" and select "Use Current Page" or "Use Current," depending on your browser. This will set Bing as your homepage. Also you can  manually type the URL into the homepage text box like :

How To Change Default Browser In Opera And Google Chrome.

  • For Chrome go to--->Settings--->On Start up section :---> select Specific page or set of Pages:---->"select page" now you can add new one like:  and remove the previous one.
  • For Opera go to "Tools"---> Preferences------> Home page(Change homepage:>Right above the homepage there is tab called Startup:----> From the drop-down list select "Start with home page". Done. 

      To conclude this topic on how to change your default browser, Close the Web browser and then re-launch it. Now your web browser should open to Bing.

How To make Money From Youtube In Nepal - Anywhere In The World

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How To Monetize Youtube Account From Nepal - Anywhere In The World

In this particular tutorial I will talk about how you can monetize your youtube channel even if it says that your country is not listed for monetization or something like that. I have already recorded a video for this, so you can read this article and check the video so that you can understand what you have to do.
Let’s move on with this, step by step…..

Watch Video and Follow the Content

·         Open your youtube channel for which you are going to monetize. If you don’t have youtube channel yet just register to the youtube by gmail and create a channel…..

·         In order to create a new channel, you need to go “youtube settings” ::--àSee all my channels or create a new channel”. So by doing this you can Create a new channel.

·         Then  after doing this, again go to Settings--àAdditional Features”  there you will see your monetization is not green, it says like your country is not qualified for the program or something like that….leave that.

·         Check the left hand-side of the screen, Under Channel section go to :-àAdvance setting .
·         Now you will see your country information, change your country information, you can change that to United Kingdom or anywhere where monetization is allowed. Give your channel a name…. and then click Save.

·         Now, again under Channel section go to :-à”Status and Features”.  Now you can see there is a option to enable your Monetization.  Click enable:--àEnable my account. And follow the steps like ticking to youtube partners program and all.

·         In order to receive money from youtube you need to have Adsense account, if you already have adsense account then you can add youtube to the adsense account. If not then you have to create one.
·         Now, In order to link/create new adsense account , you should go to channel, “Status and Features” (there you should see your monetization tab in green, which mean your channel is now monetized) you should click “ View Monetization Settings” then, you should click…. “how will I be paid”, Then click: ” Associate an Adsense account” :--à click Next

·         If you already have adsense account you should login by that account, if you don’t have adsense account you can create with this gmail account for which you have your youtube account. Or you can create another gmail account for adsense.

·         I will go with signing in with the same account so I should click “Yes”, and then click “Accept Association”.  If you want to create another account for this then you should, click ”create another account” and then create another account then you should be redirected to the same process after you create your account.

·         Then fill in the sign up form, and please be reminded, this time you should give your true identity like name and other things, coz when you are eligible to withdraw money, google adsense will directly send money to your bank account. So don’t provide false information over here. Now you will be redirected to your youtube channel.

·         In order to check, your adsense setting go to Channel :-àStatus and Features. And check settings and all...... Or you can directly re-login to your adsense account

·         Now start generating quality videos and uploading to your youtube channel, insert good title, quality description and relevant meta-tags so that people can get your video when they search something relevant about your video on youtube. How to generate more views like how to make youtube search engine  to list your video high when people search particular term  that is called “keyword” or “keyphrase” you should research on how you can optimize your youtube video. Meanwhile you can check my article on keyword, keyword research and keyword planning, This will give you some knowledge about keywords.

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